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How to Tell if Your Tree Needs Trimming

Trimming trees is important for several reasons. It promotes a healthier tree overall, ensures the tree looks great and grows properly, and is a safety precaution. Trees that aren’t properly cared for can become a hazard if branches break or if the tree topples over. If you have a tree that you think may need […]
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Trees are the Roots of Childhood

The value of a tree is immeasurable. For kids, trees are a true wonder. Children can play all day outside in the summer months if they’re able to take a break and rest in a shady spot of a tree. They offer great places to lean up against while they’re having a picnic or enjoying […]
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Diversify Utah’s Trees

There are a few popular tree species that are abundant in Utah. And, with Utah’s harsh weather, it’s easy to select from the list of well-known tough species that are certain to survive on your property. But, this can lead to over-planting of a narrow group which can actually create poorer quality trees. Maples, cottonwoods, […]
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Does Your Tree Need Some Food?

Have you noticed that your tree is starting to just look a little sad? It doesn’t look dead, and there’s no diseased branches, but it looks like it could use a little boost, right? Well, don’t worry and don’t assume you have no other choice than to tear it out. There are a lot of […]
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The Best Fruit Trees for Utah

Before you grab that fruit tree that’s on sale at Home Depot, make sure it’s a good fit for your zone, otherwise you may be calling us in just a couple years to help you pull out a dead tree. To understand what fruits grow best for your location, you’ll want to know what hardiness […]
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