Category: Tree Trimming

How to Tell if Your Tree Needs Trimming

Trimming trees is important for several reasons. It promotes a healthier tree overall, ensures the tree looks great and grows properly, and is a safety precaution. Trees that aren’t properly cared for can become a hazard if branches break or if the tree topples over. If you have a tree that you think may need […]
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Pre-Spring Tree Care

A fresh blanket of snow makes our valley feel magical. It can also hide problematic areas in our yards. Although your trees are probably still covered in snow, it’s not a bad idea to start considering upcoming spring tree care. Proper tree care in the spring months is a great way to improve the overall […]
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Why You Shouldn’t Top Your Trees

If you have a tree that is getting larger than you’d like or is creating a safety hazard, don’t simply chop off the top. It may seem like the best choice at the time, but it creates complications for the health of the tree. There are three main reasons why people top their trees: For […]
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Marching into Spring

Winter may linger for a bit longer here in Utah, but spring is on the way. On warmer days this month, there are lots of great things you can do in your yard to get prepped for the spring and summer months. You may have some areas that you didn’t get around to cleaning up […]
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Our State Tree

Did you know that Utah’s state tree is the quaking aspen? In March of 2014, Governor Gary Herbert signed a bill to change the state tree from the blue spruce to the quaking aspen. The request for the change came from fourth-grade students at an elementary school in Sevier County. They felt the quaking aspen […]
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Fall Pruning – Yay or Nay?

Now is a great time to prep your yard and garden for the cooler autumn weather. It’s such a relief to have your trees, shrubs, plants, and grass manicured and ready for that first snow before the frost really arrives. Fall yard cleanup and prep work is almost more fun than spring cleaning. However, be […]
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