Large Tree Removal Using A Crane

Large Tree Removal Using A Crane

Older homes and neighborhoods usually have larger older trees on their property. Over time a tree can get very large, tall, and heavy and require removal by crane. This process takes special equipment and attention to safety in order to have everything go smoothly. It is not just the workers who need to be protected but also the surrounding home, cars, buildings and people out and about. 

Safety Set Up For Crane Assisted Tree Removal

There are a lot of steps to making sure the crew is ready to start the removal of the tree using the assistance of a large crane. Marking the work zone with safety cones is one of the first steps in setting up the area crew members will be working in. Part of this is being aware of possible hazards that could be incurred during the removal. Electric lines and poles need to be avoided with as much distance as possible, as well as other structures in the area. Once the crane section has been set up and appropriately marked the crew can start. 

The Arborists Safety In A Crane Removal

Safely Removing A Large Tree With A Crane

For large tree removal with a crane you need to be able to access the outer tree limbs and work in to remove the tree limb by limb. To do that you need to be able to attach the crane to the limbs securely and then cut the limb free from the tree. This takes a lot of skill and understanding as to how that limb will want to move free once it is cut. A large swinging tree limb can be a major problem and one that should be avoided at all costs. Safety is always first in these situations so there are many steps to ensure that the limb is secured by the crane before the cutting can begin. 

Breakdown And Removal Of Large Trees

Large Tree Break Down & Removal By Timber Ridge Tree Services

With the tree limb cut free it needs to be moved from the tree area and placed into the work zone where it will be broken down and hauled off as wood chips. The crane engineer will safely move the limb to the working area where it will be set down to be sawed into sections that will fit into the woodchipper. During this process it is critical that the limb or branches do not hit or snag on anything and this is why the work zone is marked prior. Once the portion of the tree is safely on the ground work can commence on removal of the rest of the tree. 

The process of making sure that a very large and potentially dangerous tree is removed safely comes with experience especially when working with cranes. If you are a homeowner or property manager that needs a large tree removed from an area that is not very accessible then a crane is the best solution.