Pre-Spring Tree Care

Pre-Spring Tree Care

A fresh blanket of snow makes our valley feel magical. It can also hide problematic areas in our yards. Although your trees are probably still covered in snow, it’s not a bad idea to start considering upcoming spring tree care. Proper tree care in the spring months is a great way to improve the overall health of your trees. This includes maintenance items such as removing dead or dying branches and stems and checking for possible diseased or infested sections of the tree.

Another reason to tackle tree care in the spring is to enhance the appearance of your tree. Wise pruning practices can help direct the growth of the trees on your property, shaping them to create the look you want. Managing your trees, especially ones that are vast and get out of control quickly, is important for not only aesthetics but also for safety reasons. Unhealthy trees with dead sections are at risk of breaking or falling over. If these trees are located close to your home, over your car’s regular parking spot, or along walkways, damage and injuries are serious possibilities. But even if your trees are healthy, an unruly and unmanaged tree can still be a hazard on your property. High winds have become more common throughout the Wasatch Front, and maintaining those trees will help reduce the chances of collapse during these storms.

Promote Healthiness

Careful trimming and pruning allows trees to access nutrients more effectively. Sunlight and air can better permeate your trees, creating an overall healthy environment. Spring is around the corner, and now is the time to inspect your trees and tidy areas that didn’t make it through our snow-filled winter. You don’t want to prune too early, especially if temperatures are regularly hitting below about 25oF, but trimming before new growth begins and while diseases and pests are still dormant is a great time.

Set aside a day when it will be nice and sunny for property cleaning as well. Remove leaves that are leftover from the fall and any branches that broke off and fell during the last few months. Removing waste buildup from the winter is probably not a task we look forward to, but staying ahead of it will only make the job easier.

Three-Phase Approach

Think of spring tree care as a three-phase approach. Phase one should be addressed in early-spring and includes examination of trees for disease and damage and trimming dead branches. Phase two is the pre-bloom care and preparation, which includes removing waste and preparing the yard for a healthy environment for growth. This may involve providing extra nutrients with the use of quality fertilizers. Phase three occurs when spring finally arrives. This is a good time to add mulch to your tree’s base, which will improve soil moisture and prevent weed growth. This is also when you’d want to do any planting or transplanting.

We strive to keep our Utah trees beautiful. Help your tree thrive and grow with proper tree care. For questions about the trees on your property, contact Timber Ridge Tree Service.