Shade Trees for Your Yard

Shade Trees for Your Yard

Picture this: the cool breeze blowing on an autumn afternoon while you sit in the shade atop the soft grass listening to the birds singing a song specifically for you. That’s it, right? The perfect way to end a fall day here in Utah. All you need is some grass and a good tree in your yard to do this. If you need a great shade tree to appreciate like the boy in The Giving Tree (hopefully even a little more), we have some suggestions for the best fast growers.

Hybrid Poplar trees are very fast growers, with an average rate of about six to eight feet per year. That’s pretty quick so you’ll want to be sure you’re ready to tackle pruning and trimming correctly and efficiently. They have a beautiful deciduous screen, creating a quick and lovely shady canopy for your yard.

Quaking Aspens are a popular tree throughout Utah, and with good reason. If you haven’t heard of or seen Pando in Fishlake National Forest, add it to your bucket list now. Quakies are in the same family as the hybrid poplar and are also quick vertical growers, averaging about two to three feet per year. This tree replaced the previous state tree (the Blue Spruce) in 2014, and their beautiful fall colors will look amazing in your yard. However, these trees are not for everyone. They spread fast with frequent suckers popping up, banding root systems together (hence the Pando clone). You’ll need to be on top of maintenance with these guys.

Red Maple trees tend to be a Utah favorite. They’re tolerant of varying soil conditions and grow about two feet per year. The beauty of this tree is prized as they turn a gorgeous red color every season and boast buds in the winter and lovely blooms in the spring.

Tuliptrees, or Yellow Poplars, are a great choice for the Northern Utah climate. They grow fairly quickly, about two feet annually, and don’t have similar problems that are common to other quick-growing varieties. The name comes from their leaf and flower shape, which look similar to a tulip flower. They can be a bit of a mess with their seeds, but the beauty of the tree offsets that little drawback. These offer great shade, with most healthy trees reaching about 90 feet tall.

Sawtooth Oak trees offer wide-spreading foliage with striking colors each season. In the spring you will enjoy bright yellow leaves that turn to a radiant green in the summer. Then in the fall, they shift to a lovely golden brown. At about two feet per year in growth, this tree is a hit in many yards throughout Utah.

Trees add value to your home and create a desirable ambience in your yard. To ensure your tree provides the shade you want, you’ll want to prune it correctly and at the right time of year. Healthy trees should last a very long time, brining your property the feel of a true home. Trust Timber Ridge Tree Service to take care of your trees like one of their own.