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Utah’s Winter & Wind Storms: What Does It Mean For Trees This Spring

As spring arrives in Salt Lake County and its surrounding areas, the effects of Utah's typically hard winter and powerful wind storms become clear on the local tree-dwelling terrain. Trees, which serve as stoic markers of the changing seasons, show evidence of stress and destruction, a tribute to recent climatic challenges. Utah's winter season was […]
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The Storm Passed, But the Danger Lingers: Tree Hazard Awareness

In the aftermath of a storm, the risks that may be lurking are frequently unnoticed, yet they can be just as dangerous as the storm itself. When it comes to the trees that beautify their homes, it is especially important for homeowners to be able to recognize and respond to the leftovers of nature's wrath. […]
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Snow-Load and Tell: Recognizing Tree Weaknesses Before It's Too Late

It is common for trees across landscapes to bear the brunt of snow accumulation as winter approaches. This can result in substantial structural stress and potential damage to the trees. The identification of tree weaknesses prior to their escalation into emergencies is of the utmost importance in the preservation of a safe and healthy environment. […]
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