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Leaf It to the Pros How Cranes and Crews Take Down Titans

Removing trees, especially when dealing with large ones, requires a high level of skill, precision, and the proper equipment. When tall trees become a concern due to their location or potential risks to property or people, cranes are frequently utilized to aid in their removal. The process of crane-assisted tree removal requires a high level […]
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Do You Need Tree Removal?

In the grand narrative of urban and suburban landscapes, trees are the silent protagonists, casting their leafy embrace over residences and businesses alike. Their presence is not just aesthetic; it's a testament to the delicate balance between nature and human habitation. Yet, there comes a time when the decision to remove a tree becomes a […]
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Understanding Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

Are your trees giving you trouble? At Timber Ridge Tree Service, we can help—and we have the tools to do it. The process of tree removal often becomes a delicate dance, a balance between the preservation of surrounding life and the removal of a natural presence. Crane-assisted tree removal, a sophisticated orchestration of machinery and […]
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Tree Removal Risks

You’ve seen the many tree-mishap videos on YouTube—don’t be added to this list of video “entertainment.” Removing trees is risky business and more complicated that it may seem initially. It’s not worth sacrificing your safety to save money. Tree removal can be pricey, but it’s because there are a host of issues that can happen, […]
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Large Tree Removal Using A Crane

Older homes and neighborhoods usually have larger older trees on their property. Over time a tree can get very large, tall, and heavy and require removal by crane. This process takes special equipment and attention to safety in order to have everything go smoothly. It is not just the workers who need to be protected […]
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When should you have a tree removed?

For increased seclusion, shade, or simply some life and character, many people prefer to retain existing trees or plant new ones in their yards. However, as much as you may adore your trees, they may need to be removed at some point. Diseased and Dying Trees If your tree falls prey to a tree disease, […]
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