Tag: Tree Tips

Fun Facts About Trees

One of our oldest natural resources is the tree. Trees have provided us with shelter, fire, food, paper, beauty, protection, and so much more. It’s clear that we think trees are cool here at Timber Ridge Tree Service, so we thought we’d share some fun facts about them with you: The world’s shortest tree is […]
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Go Green with a Real Christmas Tree

That green tree in your living room for the holidays can also be green for another reason: the environment. Artificial trees are popular, and for good reason. You can reuse it year after year. You can buy a pre-lit one and never have to string lights again. You can fluff it however you want and […]
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Our State Tree

Did you know that Utah’s state tree is the quaking aspen? In March of 2014, Governor Gary Herbert signed a bill to change the state tree from the blue spruce to the quaking aspen. The request for the change came from fourth-grade students at an elementary school in Sevier County. They felt the quaking aspen […]
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