Utah Trees Need Help This Summer

Utah Trees Need Help This Summer

Water. It’s the hot topic during these hot months in Utah and with good reason. Everyone in Utah is on drought alert, with water restrictions taking place all over the state. KSL.com recently released an article about the importance of letting your lawn go brown right now while still monitoring the health of your trees. Many times trees can bounce back from a drought, but you do need to be careful and take some extra precautions. Katie Wagner with the USU Extension Service told KSL: “Putting water down slowly over a long period of time, helping to get that water down into the soil, a foot or two feet […] is really going to help them out.” Watering your trees about every eight to ten days is all they need to weather this dry heat. If you do have several dead branches or significant signs of damage already, pruning or crucial tree care may be needed.

Another aspect of tree care that many of us don’t want to think about is fire safety. You don’t want your house to be surrounded by dead, dry trees or debris. It’s very easy for a little spark to send your tree up in flames if it’s not properly taken care of. Trimming trees for fire safety is a unique process that only a trained professional should handle. Mature trees help make any property look more beautiful, which is why it’s important to care for them in the most effective way. Especially if your trees are close to your home, maintaining their health is of the upmost importance.  

Stress can be a Mess

Trees can show stress by browning leaves, dried out or “crispy” foliage, or sometimes even losing all their leaves. Shedding leaves is the tree’s natural defense during drought stress—it’s getting rid of the part that loses water. If a tree is dropping leaves quickly, you’ll want to address it sooner rather than later by calling a professional. If a tree has already lost all its leaves from drought this year, it may still come back next spring. Giving it potassium is a good option. This will improve cold hardiness for our upcoming winter months and will promote leaf growth when spring arrives. Sometimes it may not come back, and after you’ve waited until the spring to see if this is the case, you will want an expert tree removal service to help take care of it properly.

Don’t get hasty and think a tree is dead just because it’s stressed. To assess your tree’s health, how much die back on your tree is normal, and which branches should be cut and which to keep, call a professional. Timber Ridge Tree Service services from Utah to Weber Counties and Tooele to Summit Counties, handling everything from trimming, removal, pruning, firebreak clearing, and emergency services. With the right care, trees can live many, many years, providing you and your family with shade, fruit, and beauty. We’re all stressed about water this year—trees included. We can help.