When should you have a tree removed?

When should you have a tree removed?

For increased seclusion, shade, or simply some life and character, many people prefer to retain existing trees or plant new ones in their yards. However, as much as you may adore your trees, they may need to be removed at some point.

Diseased and Dying Trees

If your tree falls prey to a tree disease, the sickness may spread to other living, healthy plants. Often, the only way to stop the disease from spreading is to cut down the tree. A dead tree is not only ugly, but it also poses a greater risk of collapsing because its strength has been greatly diminished and its structural integrity may have been damaged.

Trees That Attract Pests

While some trees are ideal others are simply not, some trees should be avoided since they attract a lot of bugs. Fruit trees, from apple and pear trees to peach and apricot trees, attract insects and pests from the surrounding area. If they are not regularly pruned and taken care of they can be a source of infestation. Pest and infestations can migrate to surrounding trees and plants, but they can also get into your home and cause permanent damage. 

Potential Damage From A Tree

As trees age and get larger overtime they can become a safety hazard, tree limbs and roots can start to cause problems. Removing trees for safety is one of the main reasons to remove them, unfortunately it usually happens when it is too late. It only takes one good storm to tip over a weak and large tree or to have tree branches break and fall. Removing trees that are a threat to power lines, structures, or even a person is something that should be done. 

Removing Trees For Landscaping

Landscape and design may require the removal of existing trees on a property. Opening up landscaping around the home will allow more light in and exposure of the house. If you have beautiful windows and home features your property will look more appealing with the proper tree placement or removal. 

Whatever your reason is to remove a tree it is always a good idea to consult with the professionals like Timber Ridge Tree Service. A short consultation can be informative and help you make the best decision for the care of the trees on your property.