Tree Removal

Trees may need to be removed for a variety of reasons: 

  • Dying or dead
  • Posing a risk or hazard
  • Crowding other trees
  • Damaging homes and property
  • Etc.

We also remove trees to create room for building, clear out fire hazards, and to enhance the beauty of your home or cabin.

Tree Trimming

It is important to trim many different types of trees to help keep them healthy. Trees can be trimmed for some the following reasons: 

  • Remove dead or damaged branches
  • Reduce height
  • Balance or modify the shape
  • Etc.

We can provide a consultation and estimate to advise you as to what is best in your situation. 

Tree Pruning

Fruit trees are often neglected and overgrown. Let us help you in pruning them for healthier growth and fruit bearing. Here are a few reasons to prune your fruit trees:

  • Maintain or reduce the height
  • Thin crowded branches or areas to improve oxygen and sun exposure 
  • Improve overall quality of tree and fruit production
  • Etc.



We primarily serve Salt Lake County, Utah County, Summit County, and Uintah County.

We do work outside these areas as needed.