When’s the Last Time You Had Your Trees Serviced in Holladay, Utah?

Even if you’re an avid gardener, it’s easy to overlook your trees. As long as the branches aren’t getting in your way and there’s no obvious disease or damage, most homeowners assume their trees are doing just fine. However, at Timber Ridge Tree Services in Holladay, Utah, we know that’s not always the case. Trees can have invisible damage that make them fragile and likely to fall. Sometimes tree diseases aren’t obvious to non-professionals until the disease has progressed so far that emergency tree removal services are needed. Taking care of your trees is critical to taking care of your property. Since they are so large, they can easily cause damage to your property if routine care is not performed.

Many homeowners also tend to hold off until the spring months in Holladay to call in a tree professional. After all, most trees are dormant this time of year. Unfortunately, prime tree trimming season is happening right now. It’s generally recommended to avoid trimming trees when they are in blossom. The best, safest, and healthiest time to trim trees is when they are dormant, and that window will be closing soon. If you want to kick-start your spring with sturdy and beautiful trees, that journey begins now with professional tree trimming.

Getting Rid of Trees

Removing trees sounds like a big undertaking because it is. Even removing small trees can quickly become a big task if you attempt this yourself. Large, mature trees can be extremely dangerous if they aren’t removed by a pro—both to you and your property. Some homeowners want to remove trees because they need the space, want more sunshine, or simply because a certain tree doesn’t go with the aesthetic they’re pursuing. When that’s the case, you can have trees removed any time of year. However, bear in mind it’s still better to opt for tree services right now. It will be quicker and easier to remove most dormant trees, which means you can save on tree removal services.

However, if you need emergency tree removal, it’s critical to call us immediately. Maybe you can tell that the tree could fall at any moment. Given the weather in Utah, from winds to heavy rain and snow, just about any environmental shift could knock a fragile tree over. Avoiding property damage is paramount, and that can be done right now with a phone call. And if a tree has already fallen? You’re going to need emergency tree removal services before you can move forward with just about anything else. We can also advise you when it comes to tracking information for any property damage claims. Unfortunately, sometimes a fallen tree can be a complete surprise to homeowners. Remember, just because a tree “looks” fine and healthy doesn’t always mean it is.

For all of your tree services, from trimming to removal, you can count on Timber Ridge Tree Services in Holladay.