Tree Services in Davis County, Utah

Davis County Residential and Commercial Tree Trimming

You may take great care of your flower beds, but do you give any thought to the trees in your yard? Most people don't give much concern to their trees unless they are quite young and in need of special attention until they mature. What might be different about this winter in Davis County when they have endured so many winters and seasons? Surprisingly, a bit, particularly because we are located in an area prone to dramatic climatic swings. Timber Ridge Tree Services offers tree cutting, tree removal, and 24-hour emergency tree services every day of the year.

Keep in mind that winter is the peak season for tree care, although we are available year-round. When it comes to trimming, this should be carried out while the trees are dormant. We recognize that heading outside to prune trees is the last thing on your mind right now. Additionally, doing so is often not particularly safe (unless, of course, we are talking about extremely young trees and you are knowledgeable about how to care for them). Climbing ladders, utilizing heavy equipment, and frequently estimating which branches to trim and where all pose a significant risk. That's why we're happy to provide our tree-trimming services to the people of Davis County, Utah.

Regular & Emergency Tree Removal in Davis County

We provide both standard and emergency tree removal services. Typically, there are two reasons why a homeowner decides to remove a tree. Initially, it may be for aesthetic reasons, which generally fall under the category of regular. Perhaps you desire more sunlight, are constructing a gazebo or workshop on your property, or are weary of raking leaves each fall. It is essential for the homeowner to remove trees for this reason, but it is not necessary to prevent property damage.

Trees that are damaged or diseased but not at immediate risk of falling are often removed as part of routine maintenance. This is being done as a precaution. It's in everyone's best interest to get rid of a tree as soon as they become aware of any potential risk it may pose. Bear in mind as well that only a tree expert can assess the extent of a tree's damage or sickness.

Finally, there are services for immediate tree removal. You are prioritized on our schedule if you make this kind of appointment. Trees that are considered unsafe and are either about to fall or have already fallen and need to be removed may require emergency services. Contact Timber Ridge Tree Services right away for all of your tree care requirements.