Residential and Commercial Tree Services Riverton, Utah

Timber Ridge Tree Service provides tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, and emergency tree services to the Riverton, Utah and surrounding areas. Tens of thousands of trees can be found in Riverton and nearby areas, including 5,000 city-owned trees. The city employs an urban forester who oversees maintenance of city trees and also serves as a resource for local residents. Tree planting workshops are hosted by the city around Arbor Day every year, and locals can always count on the city for advice on tree varieties, care, and planting.

However, when it comes to personal tree services for trees on or impacting your lot, trust Timber Ridge Tree Service for all your needs. We’ve been serving the Riverton community for years, providing fast, efficient, and affordable tree services. Tree trimming and tree pruning are essential tasks that are very dangerous for the layperson to undertake when it comes to larger trees. Trimming and pruning can help keep tree diseases at bay, help encourage healthy tree growth, and can keep you and your property safe from overhanging branches. Trees provide excellent shade, but routine tree trimming and pruning in Riverton is critical for a safe and beautiful landscape.

Tree Services in Riverton

Tree removal in Riverton should only be handled by professionals. Tree removal does not inherently include stump removal but is possible as an add-on service from Timber Ridge Tree Service. Trees that are diseased, dead or dying, damaged and at risk of falling, or simply need to be removed for home improvement or shade control are all part of our expertise. Your Riverton tree removal experts will quickly remove the tree from your property (and stump if requested), clean up the area, and give you the secure and gorgeous greenery you desire.

We work with both residential homeowners and commercial properties, and we provide emergency tree services for your safety and peace of mind. Emergencies related to trees can include fallen trees, heavy fallen branches, and trees that are at a sudden and high risk of damaging property—or people. You can’t wait for emergency tree services, which is why our Riverton tree services team is committed to providing the fastest and most reliable tree treatments and removals in urgent situations.

Trust Local Tree Experts

How can you choose the best Riverton tree services provider for you? Work with a locally owned and operated company with experts who understand the trees in the area. Take a look at reviews and testimonies. Timber Ridge Tree Service is proud to have served the Riverton, Utah area for many years and has helped countless homeowners and commercial property owners care for their trees.

Scheduling an annual exam of trees on your property is the best way to avoid future emergency tree situations. Our experts will work with you to provide recommendations on trimming and pruning or to discuss options for tree removal. Contact Timber Ridge Tree Service today and connect with Riverton’s premium tree services team.