Category: Emergency Tree Services

Indications of Tree Stress

Urban trees typically only live a few decades, whereas the same tree in the forest could live for over a hundred years. City stressors take a toll on tree health, even more so than disease or insect infestations. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, most urban tree issues are a result of improper planting, watering […]
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Why You Shouldn’t Top Your Trees

If you have a tree that is getting larger than you’d like or is creating a safety hazard, don’t simply chop off the top. It may seem like the best choice at the time, but it creates complications for the health of the tree. There are three main reasons why people top their trees: For […]
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Common Tree Diseases and Infestations in Utah

Diseased trees in your yard don’t just look bad, they can be a liability, too. A weak tree is more susceptible to falling over in a windstorm or having large branches breaking off suddenly, creating an emergency situation. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a tree is sick or just getting old, but either way, […]
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