Category: Tree Removal

Tree Removal Hazards

A lot of tree maintenance can be done by the homeowner, but there are some cases where jobs should be left to the professionals. Even if you’re well versed with a chainsaw, there are numerous reasons to leave tree cutting and/or removal to an expert. Here are some potential hazards with DIY tree cutting: Getting […]
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Indications of Tree Stress

Urban trees typically only live a few decades, whereas the same tree in the forest could live for over a hundred years. City stressors take a toll on tree health, even more so than disease or insect infestations. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, most urban tree issues are a result of improper planting, watering […]
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Tree Removal Risks

You’ve seen the many tree-mishap videos on YouTube—don’t be added to this list of video “entertainment.” Removing trees is risky business and more complicated that it may seem initially. It’s not worth sacrificing your safety to save money. Tree removal can be pricey, but it’s because there are a host of issues that can happen, […]
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Utah Trees Need Help This Summer

Water. It’s the hot topic during these hot months in Utah and with good reason. Everyone in Utah is on drought alert, with water restrictions taking place all over the state. recently released an article about the importance of letting your lawn go brown right now while still monitoring the health of your trees. […]
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Large Tree Removal Using A Crane

Older homes and neighborhoods usually have larger older trees on their property. Over time a tree can get very large, tall, and heavy and require removal by crane. This process takes special equipment and attention to safety in order to have everything go smoothly. It is not just the workers who need to be protected […]
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When should you have a tree removed?

For increased seclusion, shade, or simply some life and character, many people prefer to retain existing trees or plant new ones in their yards. However, as much as you may adore your trees, they may need to be removed at some point. Diseased and Dying Trees If your tree falls prey to a tree disease, […]
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