Trees are the Roots of Childhood

Trees are the Roots of Childhood

The value of a tree is immeasurable. For kids, trees are a true wonder. Children can play all day outside in the summer months if they’re able to take a break and rest in a shady spot of a tree. They offer great places to lean up against while they’re having a picnic or enjoying an ice cream cone. They offer a giant playground for climbing or a sturdy branch for building a rope swing. And treehouses are safe havens for many kids from a young age all the way through teenage years. Hammocks can rest easily between trees, offering a comfortable spot for relaxing. For children, trees can be places of exploration, a place to get lost in a book, a place to think. For adults, trees can take us back to those roots of childhood and create a fun atmosphere for us, bringing back a flood of memories.

Consider how many children’s stories revolve around trees. Winnie the Pooh features an owl who lives in a centuries-old beech tree, Alice in Alice in Wonderland daydreams by a tree, and the Berenstain Bears live in a treehouse that was the envy of every child reading the story. Shel Silverstein wrote an emotional book all about the usefulness of trees and the dangers of taking too much. The Lorax by Dr. Suess is another cautionary tale with an emphasis on taking care of and respecting trees. The point is, trees are not just important, they are critical components in the circle of life. Trees provide us with clean air, fresh water, and help reduce greenhouse gasses. They provide food and shelter for humans and wildlife, and they even offer medicinal benefits as well.

Healthy Trees

There is a Greek proverb that says, “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.” This message is meant to encourage people to invest in something greater than themselves for futures to come. Many trees will be here long after we are, and it’s comforting to know that our posterity will be able to enjoy these trees throughout their lives. For this to happen, we must take steps to nurture our trees and keep them healthy. Pruning trees is one of the most important ways to keep a tree healthy. Mulching will help with water retention and overall root health, and fertilizing trees when necessary will keep them strong and nutrient-rich. Protect trees from pests and monitor them for diseases or dying sections. Adding an organic, rich compost to the surrounding base of a tree will supply it with nutrients for many months.

Encourage kids to enjoy the trees on your property this summer. And if you don’t have kids, nourish the kid at heart in yourself and enjoy a sit under the tree one of these days. Listen to the birds living in your trees and take a minute to ground yourself with nature again. If your trees need some TLC from a professional, Timber Ridge Tree Service is ready to help.